Drupal 8: Reverting features in update hooks

For all the developers of Drupal who had a very good development workflow in place and used to revert features in hook_update_N() to ensure the deployment notes were simply to run update.php or drush updb, there is a good news :)

Project that I'm currently working is in install mode and we are really happy to use features and CMI and get all the configurations stored into modules but today I got a call from the product manager asking me to do include the code in update hooks to ensure it doesn't require re-installing the demo site. At first moment, I was like sure will do that but realised in next few mins, isn't that removed from features in D8? Wait, how will I do this, there is no documentation about reverting configurations, we have drush cim, cex and UI ---- and there came my answer, let me debug and find out how the UI is doing it.

After few mins again, I found the solution - it was just two lines of code, seriously? Yeah, its a bit tricky though.

You can get the parameter details from the config file
Param 1: module key in the config file
Param 2: id key in the config file

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