About me

I had dreamt of being a developer since standard 6th and really lucky to be living his dream.

I love to stay behind the scenes, love PHP and Drupal.

For me more importance is of family and friends than money or time. I'm very emotional and may be short tempered, doesn't believe in agent's of God and can be easily found in conversations where such debates/discussions happen.

I love to drive, especially longer routes, love eating pizza and alu paratha (which is clearly visible on my body :D). I stay in Rajkot with my lovely two kids my wife and my mom.

I officially started in Aprily 2010 but I worked even as a student and was part of a project under the university development center for Dudhsagar dairy which was quoted to be worth 20 million rupees in 2009.

I'm a scrum master (only certified, never practiced as main profession ;) ) and an Acquia certified D7 and D8 developer. I am also Acquia certified ACSF pro for which I got lucky to get experience and help from seniors in a project.